Unimin Products for Your Daily Life

The importance of industrial minerals can easily be overlooked, but our quality of daily life wouldn't be the same without them. Each time you turn on your computer, take a drive or watch television, you're using Unimin industrial minerals. We decorate our homes, filter our water, operate businesses and factories, and enjoy leisure time using Unimin products.

Government statistics report that the average person uses approximately 40,000 pounds of industrial minerals each year. Over the course of a lifetime, each of us will consume or use products made with millions of pounds of industrial sand, feldspar, clay, calcium carbonate, lime and limestone.

From the food and beverages we consume to the energy that powers our lives, Unimin plays a central role in the production, preparation and delivery of life's necessities and luxuries.

For additional information: www.ima-na.org.

If it can't be grown,
it must be mined.