Our Business Philosophy

Unimin is managed with a long term perspective. We invest for the future and manage for the next decade, with emphasis on growth, diversification and sustainable development. As part of the privately held Sibelco Group, our philosophy of conservative financial management has anchored Unimin in challenging times and fueled our steady growth. Our reputation for stability and reliable supply is built upon the planned integration of superior mineral reserves, efficient production technologies, and empowered employee teams.

Perhaps more than any other business, mining and mineral processing companies are defined by their corporate values and the policies, processes and programs that govern daily operations. Unimin is a recognized leader in the mining and industrial mineral community, and our long working relationship with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reflects our ongoing commitment to workplace safety.

We also understand that our decisions can have a wide-ranging and enduring impact on both the environment and economy. We're committed to the principles of sustainability and the responsible development of resources to fulfill current needs without compromising the requirements of future generations.

Respect, responsibility and stewardship guide our business decisions and our interactions with our employees, our communities and our environment.