Lands for Learning

Unimin regularly opens its restored lands for Boy and Girl Scouting adventures, community outings and educational field trips. Through the Wildlife Habitat Council program of Corporate Lands for Learning we make enhanced and reclaimed sites available as outdoor classrooms, wildlife observatories and open spaces. With investments to improve property access, construct nature trails and pavilions, and develop new wildlife habitats our objective is to provide neighbors and community members with increased opportunities to study and enjoy the local ecology.

Open house tours provide a different, but equally valuable, educational experience. Unimin opens its doors to school groups and neighbors to share the science, technology and sustainability of mining. Tours conducted by Unimin engineers, geologists and plant personnel afford an in-depth industrial experience where both students and adults are always surprised to learn that "If it can't be grown it must be mined".

Investment in the communities in which we work is an investment in Unimin.